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There’s bullshit on the airwaves, in your newsfeed, streaming straight to your TV, and IRL. It’s in the third date sex rule, the wait-at-least-a-day-to-text rule, and (of course) the effing wage gap. It’s even in skincare products you use every day to make yourself “feel” more beautiful.NO B.S. COMING DECEMBER 2017

Beauty is an $11 billion industry—much of it built on bullshit telling you who to be and what to buy, if that’s what you buy into. But we’re done. The way we see it, skincare is not the place for half-truths, hidden agendas, wonky ingredients, or sponsored scientific studies. And ads that highlight our insecurities to sell products only make things worse.

No B.S. Manifesto

We stripped away all the bullshit to create a new kind of skincare. Better basics with none of the stuff you don’t need. As a brand, we’re living our truth (or at least trying), in our animal-free testing, our advertising, our employee relations, and in every one of our products.

Now, no matter who you are, you can tap into the most authentic version of yourself. Whenever You Damn Well Please. And that, my friend, is No B.S.


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